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Dear Customer:
Thanks to your long-term support and cooperation, all employees of Shenzhen Kanghang expressed their sincere gratitude! Due to the business development needs of our company and the expansion of the company's scale, the company's factory will be relocated to the new office from October 2018. Address, specific contact information attached. We are sorry for bringing you inconvenience! Our company will take this relocation as a new starting point, and sincerely provide more satisfactory service and cooperation to our distinguished customers, and thank you again for your long-term support and attention!
New factory address: 4th Floor, Building A, Xinxin'an Science and Technology Park, Tianyang 5th Road, Songgang Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen
Tel: 0755-27238861
Manager Liu: 18675646651

在您的长期支持与合作下,深圳康航的全体员工表示衷心的感谢! 由于我们公司的业务发展需求和公司规模的扩大,公司的工厂将从2018年10月搬迁到新的办公室。地址,附加的具体联系信息。 很抱歉给您带来不便! 我公司将把搬迁作为新的起点,真诚为尊贵的客户提供更满意的服务与合作,再次感谢您的长期支持与关注!

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