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About US

At Kanghang Proto, we specialize in Rapid prototyping, CNC machining production of custom parts. Our international team of engineers and technicians use advanced equipment and techniques like Milling-turned Machining CNC machining , to turn your designs into reality quickly, accurately and at a great price.

在深圳市康航精密模型有限公司,我们专注于快速原型制造,CNC加工生产定制零件。 我们的专业工程师和技术人员团队使用先进的设备和技术,如铣削加工CNC加工,以快速,准确和优质的价格将您的设计变为现实


Precision for customers, create products 
Sincere for employees, create opportunities
Attentively in the industry, create brand
Meticulous for the company, creat benefits


Rapid manufacture what you want

Meet Our Team

KangHang Proto internally has multiple activities for specific purpose , for instance , regular training for time management , technology reviewing & sharing . job summary and approach achieved. Leadership course for strengthening mindset , drive the driver to reach higher in terms of personal working performance , targeted KPI , value & mission


History Of KangHang Rapid Prototype


In 2010, Rain Liu, founded KangHang Rapid Prototype Factory. Since then, KangHang has grown continuously and now provides high-quality rapid prototyping, tooling and CNC machining production services to businesses and individuals all over the world.

  • In 2010:  KangHang Prototype was founded and registered as one design company.
  • In 2011: At the request of customers, expand our business, start involving rapid prototypes field.
  • In 2012: The first to mention the development of new technology of rapid tooling, using simple steel, aluminum mold, the injection molding, die-casting molding, vacuum blister, low-pressure perfusion such as technology, as a partner in 5-7 working days to provide the batch products into reality.
  • In 2013:Increase 10 sets CNC machines, increase 20 staffs.
  • In 2014: Because of the increasing business, the enterprise into located in Baoan district Songgang Town new industrial park, to lay a solid foundation for later enlarging.
  • In 2016: Set up foreign trade marketing team, annual turnover year-on-year growth of 50%.
  • In 2017: Expanding foreign trade marketing team, staff rose 25%, increase the automatic machine, improve production efficiency.
  • The essence of the spirit of the existing 50 employees, including technical experts from around the world, we unite as one, and strive to make every customer can enjoy the best quality service.

    公司拥有先进的SLS、SLA快速成型机、大型CNC加工中心、多台真空复模机,并配备机械、电子、电脑、美术等专科毕业的拥有丰富手板制作经验的全面人才。我们可以进行产品从构思到样板(包括造型、电子、机械)的完美设计制作, 包括:设计(外型+结构) 、玩具动作手板、雕塑造型、SLS、SLA快速成型、CNC加工、硅胶模小批量复制、喷油、丝印等。 



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